Here are some of the Testimonials I have received from clients (shared with their permission):


“I first went to see Lorraine 10 years ago for acupuncture for period pains. I had been to doctors and hospitals with no success and acupuncture was a treatment that I hoped could help me. Thankfully acupuncture was extremely successful in improving my period pains! I have recommended it to lots of friends and would whole heartedly recommend it to anyone who is looking for an alternative treatment for a condition or illness that is affecting them.

3 years ago I suffered a back injury that left my life and me as a person barely recognisable. I had a huge amount of support from my family but as I’m not someone who talks about their feelings, I tended to bottle things up at home and was really struggling with my injury and with the resulting depression that it caused. The decision to try counselling was because I knew I needed help beyond what my family, friends and doctors could provide and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Counselling has enabled me to talk to someone with no judgement, who accepts and sometimes challenges thoughts I have about myself and my situation. It has given me guidance and support when I have needed it most but above all it has enabled me to make some small steps to put my life back together and to cope with the new direction it is heading in. I know that I would be in a much darker placer without Lorraine and I will be forever grateful for the support and compassion she has shown me over the past few years


Charlotte (age 13):-

“I didn’t want to go to school. I was scared and had anxiety. When Lorraine spent time with me I felt better and learned lots of things to help me cope every day. She was kind and funny! I wish I could get my friends to see her too”

Jo (mum to Aaron age 12):-

“The best decision I ever made was to get my son counselling. The difference Lorraine made was unbelievable in such a short amount of time. My son felt relaxed and comfortable in her company and said at the end she was really funny! I would highly recommend Lorraine to anyone who is worried about their child. the difference she has made is amazing!! Thank you so much”


“Thank you Lorraine for your unwavering support on what I can only describe as one of the scariest, yet most exhilarating, rides of my life – that is the rollercoaster of counselling. You have been instrumental in my learning to find, explore, accept and allow myself to be ME. I am grateful to have had such a warm and understanding companion on my journey”