Acorn Counselling provides professional counselling and training:


shutterstock_155790596  A talking therapy which enables you to spend time with me, a counsellor who is completely outside of your problems and daily life. It is a place for you to talk about whatever you choose without fear of being judged, criticised, not liked or not listened too.  In fact being truly listened to is a powerful and unique experience that in itself can lead you to feel lighter, less burdened and weighed down with worries and sadness.

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Other Services


Teaching and training in counselling skills.  Workshops covering self-esteem, assertiveness, managing anxiety.

Corporate clients can enjoy bespoke in-house workshops for their staff in areas such as workplace stress, mindfulness and team building.

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Sessions and Fees

Individual adult, teenage and child counselling sshutterstock_177226508essions are 50 minutes long and usually weekly. We will decide between us how many sessions you may need and monitor your progress as we go along.

Couples counselling sessions are 1 hour and more spaced out to allow work to be done between sessions.

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