Dogs are such a joy!

Bella..!! She’s a labradoodle ….my friend’s dog and she is a fabulous gal ! (both friend and dog!!)

I’m looking after her for a few days and realising what a lovely gentle soul she is and how much I enjoy being around a dog. I lost my Cody two years ago and have never felt ready to fill the void he left in my heart and my home.

Having Bella to care for, take for walks, brush, feed, talk to and poop scoop after has enriched my soul again. It’s a unique experience to bond with an animal. We are now recognising how valuable this attachment to animals can be for people suffering illness be it physical or mental. I can already feel myself ‘changing’ as I’m caring for Bella …. can I describe it? Not very well in words but I can FEEL it. It feels calmer in my head, less overwhelmed by busy thoughts and ruminating worry. I think I am actually slower this monday morning! In thought and deed! Dare I say it but ‘relaxed’ comes to mind!!

And that NEVER happens on a monday morning I can tell you!

Animals are a comfort, a joy, a distraction. They seem to transmit vibes as you run your hands through their fur that relax you, take you down an anxiety peg or two…..and make you SMILE!

Animal Assisted Therapy is a growing area of therapy and one which I can honestly say gets my vote!

Here is Bella cheekily on my bed, her eyes begging me to let her stay snuggled next to me…of course I said yes!!!!!


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