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Dogs are such a joy!

Bella..!! She’s a labradoodle ….my friend’s dog and she is a fabulous gal ! (both friend and dog!!) I’m looking after her for a few days and realising what a lovely gentle soul she is and how much I enjoy being around a dog. I lost my Cody two years ago and have never felt […]

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Workplace Stress

Over the summer (yes….I know its pretty rubbish weather today!!) I am putting together a new ‘workplace stress’ support package for small companies. Based on my experience and training this will be a half day or whole day training to assess current stress in your place of work and teach strategies to minimise this stress. […]

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Transition to Secondary school

Leaving primary school and heading off to ‘big school’ can be daunting for many children….it’s a time of uncertainty and may create anxiety and worry for your child. It can be a time of transition that can shape their settling in at a new school. I am able to work with children that may struggle […]

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