What is counselling?


A talking therapy for adults, teenagers, children and couples which enables you to discuss your issues with me, a counsellor who is completely independent of your problems and daily life. It is a time for you to talk about whatever you choose without fear of being judged, criticised, not liked or not listened too. In fact being truly listened to is a powerful and unique experience that in itself can lead you to feel lighter, less burdened and weighed down with worries and sadness.

Counselling allows you to take an honest look at what is bothering you, to explore issues, raise your awareness, self-reflect and find new ways of understanding yourself and your life experiences with the aim of feeling happier.

You will find ways of accepting and making peace with those things that you cannot change and make positive changes where you can. Choices will be discovered that will allow you to question those things you thought were cast in stone; what really matters to you will be uncovered and you will learn about yourself and your relationships to others.

When you put tough thoughts and feelings into words you bring them out into the open which can be a relief and a revelation. Just hearing your internal thoughts as you say them out loud can lead to new insights, unknown emotions become known and with that comes a sense of control over your life once again.

Often powerful, pent up emotions that cause anxiety, stress or depression are released in counselling and you may cry. This is normal and the safe, trusting relationship created between you and me will ‘hold’ this emotion, support you and be alongside you as you learn to respect and care for yourself.

Everyone experiences counselling in their own unique way…it can be at times a tough process but we often need to work through the ‘tough stuff’ in order to come out the other side.